Agile - sharing experience

The idea with the blog is to share experience about Agile in practice, I have been facilitating CoP (Community of Practice) with Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team members etc. since 2010 with the purpose of sharing learnings from team to team...

“Learn from the mistakes of others-you can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” quote from John Luther

Kniber describing wow at Sportify

LinksPosted by Rune Hvalsøe Sat, December 01, 2012 09:58:41 If you want to get ideas, this is truely the document to read, I really enjoy reading documents like this, it gives me the energy to fight for what I believe in.

I really like the comments about Chapter and Guilds - it is creating CoP, and I really enjoy the description of how Sportify works with companies within companies etc. - I use to work in such a sub-company in Nokia where we was almost an isolated company within...

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