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The idea with the blog is to share experience about Agile in practice, I have been facilitating CoP (Community of Practice) with Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team members etc. since 2010 with the purpose of sharing learnings from team to team...

“Learn from the mistakes of others-you can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” quote from John Luther

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Agile in practicePosted by Rune Hvalsøe Fri, December 28, 2012 07:25:43

One important learning from my work with Agile is this :

"To succeed with Agile, Management's need for results must be greater than their need for control"

To me, Agile is all about improving the way we work.

In Europe we need to improve the way we work, we will never be able to continue the same way and compete with developing countries.

We need to combine existing ideas to improve how we work and we need to create new ideas.

I have been using several ideas over the last couple of years, i.e.

VSM (Value Stream Mapping) - to identify bottleneck and waste in our way of working.

5 Dysfunctions of a team – to improve team work, in Management teams, Scrum teams and any other team.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Focus your energy in “Important – Not Urgent” to improve your situation!

Pomodoro – focus your work and get things done!

Kanban – great for maintenance and other work that keep coming and which you cannot estimate

CoP (Community of Practice) - you must learn from your mistakes, but to become an expert you must learn from others.

It is important to adjust any ideas to the environment that you have without losing the idea and value… ;-)

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